Famous Artists In and From Hong Kong

The Hong Kong art scene is booming with life and vitality. The world is focused on the art that is currently coming from Hong Kong. This sudden interest is sparked by the frenzy of new art galleries and Hong Kong museums that have opened within the last year. Hong Kong is home to so many incredible artists, but there are a few that stand out more than others.

Giles Dawe

Giles may not be a Hong Kong native, but he has been living in Hong Kong with hopes to break into the art scene there. His artwork has appeared in Hong Kong museums and small art shows that showcase his oil paintings and other artwork. He has also appeared in Hong Kong magazines that showcase his beautiful and unique work.


Song is a famous Chinese artist that has been a big name in Hong Kong for quite awhile. His artwork focuses on traditional Chinese artwork featuring Bird and Flower. These symbols are of high importance to Chinese artwork, but he focuses on bringing this concept to the modern-art world. His work is breathtaking and textured, and it has also appeared in museums in Hong Kong.

Hai Tian

Hai Tian is a Chinese artist who has had work display around the world. His art in museums in Hong Kong stand out the most. His melancholy artwork is sad but inspiring. His artwork is based on painting, but he deviates from the traditional guidelines that painters often use in China. This reflects in the poetic and beautiful nature of his work. His work is prized and displayed at the Chinese Art Museum as well as other museums all over the country.

Feng Zikai

This artist is no longer alive, but he was a major influence on Hong Kong art. He created Chinese calligraphy art, music and architecture. His cartoons were some of the most inspiring pieces of his. They combined Eastern and Western techniques to create something unique and fresh. His art speaks of humanism greatly, and he leaves behind a legacy that will not be forgotten. His artwork is displayed at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, and it is routinely exhibited in galleries around the world.


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